Export captures from the packets table to .pcap file.

usage: kismet_log_to_pcap [-h] [--in INFILE] [--out OUTFILE]
                          [--outtitle OUTTITLE] [--limit-packets LIMITPACKETS]
                          [--source-uuid UUID] [--start-time STARTTIME]
                          [--end-time ENDTIME] [--silent SILENT]
                          [--min-signal MINSIGNAL] [--device-key DEVICEKEY]

optional arguments:
    -h, --help                    show this help message and exit
    --in INFILE                   Input (.kismet) file
    --out OUTFILE                 Output filename (when exporting all packets)
    --outtitle OUTTITLE           Output title (when limiting packets per file)
    --limit-packets LIMITPACKETS  Generate multiple pcap files, limiting the number
                                  of packets per file
    --source-uuid UUID            Limit packets to a specific data source (multiple
                                  --source-uuid options will match multiple datasources)
    --start-time STARTTIME        Only convert packets recorded after start-time
    --end-time ENDTIME            Only convert packets recorded before end-time
    --silent SILENT               Silent operation (no status output)
    --min-signal MINSIGNAL        Only convert packets with a signal greater than min-signal
    --device-key DEVICEKEY        Only convert packets which are linked to the specified device
                                  key (multiple --device-key options will match multiple devices)